EXDOC® Streamlined contract management

Read more about our solution for streamlined management of all your company’s contracts.

Take control over your contracts! ExDoc gives you visibility, secure storage and easy management of all contracts. All companies have a number of important contracts that require management. Rental agreements, supplier, customer and employee contracts are just a few examples. One missed termination date or expired probationary employment period can be expensive for your business. Not to mention missing renewals of contracts that can benefit your business.

Normal procedure is to collect all agreements in a locked filing cabinet. Simple, isn’t it?

But… who has visibility? How many contracts are signed by people who no longer work for the company? Who keeps track of all these contracts? When do they expire? Who has access to which contract – the person who collects the key to the filing cabinet can read even confidential contracts should they want to. For example, should a salesperson have access to their colleagues’ customer agreements or purchasing agreements? Does the company have a central purchasing department? Does it have full visibility of all agreements signed with subsidiaries? What is the cost to your company of not having full visibility and control?

The solution is called ExDoc – a web based application for electronic contract management. ExDoc has provided many organisations visibility and control over contracts and agreements, resulting in significant cost savings.

ExDoc gives you full control and visibility, secure storage and streamlined management of all your company’s legal documents, using an access authorisation structure that is tailored specifically to the needs of your company and organisation.




Take control of your company’s agreements using the simple search function. Search by contract type, counterpart, document owner, cost bearer, external parties or expiry date, etc.


Never miss a termination or renegotiation again. Reminders are sent to the contract manager automatically when the due date approaches.


Full transparency, e.g. during an audit. All events in respect of a contract are registered, everything from searching and image displaying to amendments.


Only give authorised users access to stored documents. Multiple levels of authorisation ensure confidential management. The authorisation structure is tailored to the specific requirements of your company.


You can never be careful enough when it comes to business-critical documents. Because of this, all data is encrypted and stored in a database on the inside of the company’s firewalls. Not even the database administrator will have access to information without the correct authorisation.

NOTE! In addition to contracts, you can of course use ExDoc to register other important documents such as the board meeting minutes, shareholder agreements, power of attorneys, annual reports and other corporate documents that must be kept in order. ExDoc ensures that your company’s business-critical documents are managed securely and efficiently.  

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