Using ExDoc® Länsförsäkringar Kalmar has moved from files in nine different offices to complete control.

Pian Östin is the Chief Accountant at Länsförsäkringar Kalmar Län. They have around 170 employees in total. Pian works at the Finance Department in Västervik, and apart from the office in Västervik there are another eight offices around the country. When it comes to their contract management, they did the same as they had always done.

We used binders, Pian explains, and the files containing contracts were scattered across all nine of our offices. So every time a contract had to be taken out to be updated or reviewed, we were forced to sift through lots of files in several offices. In other words, we had no overview!

One day, the IT Manager in Västervik had a phone call from another office, who were already working with ExDoc, a system that helped them with their contract management and with which they were very satisfied. It was a wake-up call for those responsible in Kalmar County, who realised that there was an easy way to get better control and a clear overview of their contracts.

-It was an easy decision to go with SignUp’s contract management system, ExDoc as our colleagues were so satisfied and there was a pressing need to bring together all of our contracts in one single place. ExDoc seemed easy and convenient to work with and also, a suitable size for us. 

Länsförsäkringar Kalmar Län currently has more than 350 contracts registered in ExDoc, everything from supplier and partnership contracts with other Länsförsäkringar offices to procurement contracts with various workshops that deal with claims. 

Furthermore, all document owners can log in as “viewers” to access the contracts, regardless of which regional office they happen to be in.

– Now it all runs smoothly, says Pian cheerfully! It’s a big relief, and now all original contracts are sent to us here in the Finance Department in Västervik for scanning and registration. As soon as a document has been registered, all approved document owners have access to it – no matter in which office they are based.

Pian and her colleagues can see several benefits compared with the way they used to work with their contracts.

  • Everything in one single place – we no longer have to search through files. With ExDoc, we have an clear overview and better accessibility to all of our contracts.
  • Automatic reminders – we no longer miss any deadlines. ExDoc sends us an email reminder when a contract needs to be updated.
  • An efficient search function – it’s now easier for us to find things. The search function is important, it makes everything so much simpler and more convenient.

SignUp has kept all of its promises, and the system installation process went very well. Pian and her colleagues are very satisfied, and whenever they’ve needed support or help, their contact person at SignUp has always responded quickly and, where necessary, referred them to a technician.

– We’ve simply gained control over our contract management,” says Pian, which is very reassuring! 

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