NEW Release – ExFlow NAV 4.0


ExFlow_40_releaseOn June 4th SignUp released the next generation of ExFlow NAV.

ExFlow 4.0 will be the first Web Service based release of ExFlow NAV. The main focus has been to replace the SQL stored procedure interface with an Web Services interface. In this initial release, the change in functionality is limited. However, when sneaking a peak under the hood, you’ll find a wide range of improvements.

The Web Service architecture takes ExFlow Web out of the “Black box” as the web can now be easily debugged and most of the source code can be verified by a NAV developer. For our internal development, web services enabled us to create more advanced features which fully utilize NAVs standard business logic.

Another major change is the reworked table design. For example we have moved historical documents to a separate table structure, like standard NAV. We also took the chance to make nearly all global tables into local ones with data per company. This means ExFlow now follows standard NAV guidelines and this will simplify implementations and enhance performance.

Even though the major part of the changes are of a technical nature we have still been able to add some functional improvements.


  • Drag and drop for ExFlow Web.
  • Improved support for mobile devices in ExFlow Web.
  • NAV built in e-mail notifications

Main focus for the remainder of 2015:

  1. Development of a “light” version of ExFlow. The light version is likely to share the same object set but with a range of inactivated functionalities. The light version will also include rapid start packages and simplified “Get Started” documentation.
  2. Development of more advanced functionalities enabled by the Web Service interface. Examples are better support for Dynamic Approval Workflows and also improved possibilities for PO matching as part of the Approval Process.

ExFlow 4.0 is developed for Dynamics NAV 2013 and later versions only. We can finally put the Classic interface behind us. However, corrections for the classic release (3.50) will continue to be developed and released for as long as required. We will be releasing Service Packs for ExFlow 4 for the remainder of 2015. The Service Packs will include both corrections and new features. We do recommend all partners to be sure that you download the latest available release of ExFlow 4.0.

For more information on ExFlow NAV 4.0, contact your ExFlow partner or ExFlow NAV Product Manager, Christian Hörz, t: +46 8-5678 00 33 or m:


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